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Enterprise idea: want to customers think, as we can

Companies pursuing: efficient innovation, and win-win cooperation

The company has a unique production process to ensure that the grinding wheel has good grinding performance, and has a unique raw material inspection means to ensure the material quality stability.

Companies with domestic and foreign well-known abrasive manufacturers have good solid relations of cooperation.

Company mainly abrasive manufacturers at home and abroad have good quality control mechanism, can share control abrasive production process and have a professional test equipment, in addition to advocate material quality stability is higher than the national standard indicators, can detect the immanent quality of abrasive, emphasis on practical stability to ensure that advocate material.

Factory products of the company in addition to the national standard stipulated by the size, shape, hardness, (security), balance, strength and grinding performance parameter testing, to ensure stable and reliable performance.

Weston grinding with independent intellectual property rights and proprietary technology.

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