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    Rizhao Economic Development Zone Weston ceramic Mstar Technology Ltd (Weston) is a technology company to research and development, design, production, Guan Kong as the main business, has more than in the related fields of experienced technical and management personnel, and silicon Institute, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (former Northwest Institute of Light Industry) silicate engineering materials Institute of relevant experts in the field have close cooperation abrasive and abrasive is its core business. Shandong Baidu Abrasives Co. Ltd. (meaning Baidu) is a production company has more than professional decades of professional and technical personnel, manufacturing has all kinds of advanced technology and equipment in the ceramic mold, high fine kind of abrasives manufacturing CNC grinding machine for the main direction of attack. Product quality has reached the international advanced level, by the relevant domestic industry users, especially has a high reputation in the gear processing industry, high-speed worm grinding wheel and its production of forming grinding wheel, grinding special arc tooth worm grinding wheel grinding wheel, reached the international advanced level.
The company has a unique production process to ensure that the wheel has good grinding performance, and has the unique means of raw material inspection to ensure material quality stability.
     The company has a good and stable cooperation with foreign well-known abrasive manufacturers.
     The company and the main foreign abrasive manufacturers with quality control mechanism, common control abrasive production process and a professional testing equipment, in addition to the material quality stability is higher than that of foreign targets, internal quality of focuses on the detection of abrasive, to ensure that the use of the material can be stable.
     The company manufactured products in addition to the provisions of the size, shape, hardness, balance, strength (safety) test items, and grinding parameters detection, to ensure stable and reliable use performance.
Weston owns the independent intellectual property rights and proprietary grinding technology.

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